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One fine day, I was thrown out of the house. Apathy, the reward for a lifetime’s loyalty. Dog is a man’s best friend, but man is just a dog’s master I suppose…

“I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn.”

-Leo Buscaglia


They turned their faces when I was in dire need. I thank them, for their attitude helped me develop fortitude. Today I stand on my own two feet.

Life on Moon

Moon had a lovely neighbour. But that was years ago… Before we destroyed our home. In lieu, now we stand on this beautiful barren desert and look at our kill.


Unexpected acts of kindness,
Those tiny moments in time,
Maybe you won’t even remember it tomorrow
But forever, I shall cherish those blessings that are mine…



जगह कौन सी क्या बताऊं, जन्नत है ये,
खुद खुदा भी मांगता होगा, वो मन्नत है ये।

अरावली की पहाड़ियों के बीच, बरखा में नाचते देंगे मोर दिखाई,
गौरैया, मैना, बुलबुल के साथ देखो तो बैठे होंगे सात भाई,
कबूतर, कौवे, चील बिना यहां तो जैसे गगन भी लगता सूना है,
भारद्वाज, कठफोड़वे के संग मिलेंगे एग्रेट, रूफस ट्रीपाई।

परिंदे बहुत हैं यहां माना पर, पशुओं को न भूल जाना तुम।
ढूंढो तो वे ज़रूर मिलेंगे, बस सब्र न देखो खोना तुम।
यहां शूकर, वानर भी हैं, रहना तुम ज़रा संभल संभल,
गिलहरियों के पीछे ही न कहीं देखो तुम हो जाना गुम!

पेड़, पौधे भी खूब हैं यहां, फलों – फूलों की भरमार है,
जामुन, आम, नीम, बबूल के संग देखो वो कचनार है।
गेंदा, चंपा, पारिजात, सप्तपर्णी से सुगंधित रहता ये स्थान है
और किस किस के नाम मैं लूं, वनस्पति यहां हजार हैं।

जगह कौन सी क्या बताऊं, लगती जैसी जन्नत है ये,
खुद खुदा भी मांगता होगा, शायद वो मन्नत है ये।

माना हमने विकास शहर का होता बहुमोल है,
मगर प्राकृति का यह सुख, स्मरण रहे अनमोल है!
होड़ बहुत है, मांग भी, कृत्रिम ऐशो आराम की,
पर ध्वंस किया जो, भर न सकोगे निसर्ग का वो मोल है!

प्रदूषण की परत से प्रचलित वैसे तो यह स्थान है,
हरियाली की इस चादर में बसा कोई और ही जैसे जहान है।
दो पल यहां रुक कर तो देखो, खो कर इसे क्या पाओगे?
रोज़ आडंबरों के लिए क्यों करते हम प्राकृति को कुर्बान हैं?

जगह कौन सी है क्या मैं बताऊं, जन्नत है ये,
खुद खुदा भी रोज़ मांगता है जो, वो मन्नत है ये।

Just not for me

I know how fiercely you love,
But that love’s never been for me.

I’ve seen you smile with all your heart,
But that smile has never been for me.

You maybe the most wonderful person in existence,
But sadly that person will perhaps never be for me.

Told myself that I could love me enough for both of us,
And you should know that I can, but why should I?

The most wonderful heart, mind, smile, person,
Just not for me, never for me.

You said you tried to be mine,
I believe that too, but you’re just not for me.

I’ve always told you that I’ll love you from afar,
And I do pray that you find the deepest joys in life…

I always have and I always will.
Thank you for everything, but you’re just not for me.

Maybe someday we’ll cross paths again,
For now, this is all that I can take.

With this, I wish you all the very best!
And bid adieu to the person who’s just not for me…

Loss and Love

My love, you’ve gone through a lot, in all these days that have past
And we both know as unbearable as it feels right now, this too shall not last.

It’s true, my dear, I can’t say, I can fathom how you really feel,
But all that I know right now is, your heart, time shall truly heal.

I see… and feel everyday, to hide all that pain inside, how hard you try,
My heart hurts so much for you dear, that in this darkness, I lay awake and cry…

Nothing in this world brings me more joy than one of your heartfelt smiles,
So I ardently hope, this dreadful tunnel goes for only a few more miles.

You’ve lost a lot I know, but don’t let this darkness dim your inner light,
Lives are transient yes, but love lasts forever, so let that shine bright.

We all are in this together, the whole world, believe it or not,
When you hurt too much dear, just remember, we love you a lot!

A Transient Sea Wave

Deep, beautiful, endless sea
As strong and mighty as it may be
It keeps breaking, fading, crumbling,
Crashing apart in waves you see.

A timeless beauty,
Extending into infinity,
And yet its wave so transient
One would doubt their fidelity.

Just as the magnificent sea
The memories last for an eternity
But alas! My friend, like a transient wave
Our friendship will crash, I get ansty.

Tides of time have come and gone,
Storms of life have made us mourn,
It’ll crash like a transient wave I worry so,
Though those trying times have never won.

I still am a skeptic my friend,
That this magic will someday for sure end.
Like a transient sea wave it’ll come crashing down
And our friendship will be beyond mend.

It’s the sea, you show me again and again
But I can’t see so, beyond this pain,
A crashing transient wave is all I see
This roaring monster does not stay slain!

I’m so very used to this,
This is what I’ve become, it feels;
A deep, wide, endless sea it maybe,
A transient wave is all, my mind sees…


Peace, she said, she wanted peace

Pain is all that brought that deed.
I will never follow on so I’d sworn
Alas! Peace is what I want life has shown.

Peace, the world craves peace,
Wars are fought in hopes of peace.
Peace is all that I wish for too
I just hope, something stupid I don’t do.

Right now, I don’t know what I feel
It feels numb, must be tired I think
Exhausted by this nonsense that’s become my life
Exhausted from trying so hard to heal.

Hope’s another thing that’s gotta go
All you do is bring pain, oh! Hope
I do crave a home, but a wanderer I shall be
Closest to thing to peace is being free

Free of this nonsense, free from the fight
A place far away, away from this maddening crowd
Free from this darkness, also free from that unattainable light.
Then it would stop hurting, it just might.

Peace is what I’ve seen good people crave
Try as they might, they just hurt and bleed
Bleed a blood that isn’t even red,
For pain flows, their eyes have bled.

Peace O! Peace what do you do?
Hurt as I might I still want you
You make me hope and you make me try
You never care, how you make me cry!

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